Thinking of Remodeling? 5 questions to consider

I just read the Seattle Times article, “5 questions to ask before starting your next home-improvement project and I think you might enjoy it, too.

You can read the full article here:


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Ever wonder how long to keep documents?

Tips from:
Suzy Kellett
(206)  353-8733

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We’ve Got You Covered Winter Drive

From October 16 through November 10, drop off a donation of new hats, scarves, gloves/mittens, and warm socks during our “We’ve Got You Covered” winter drive for YouthCare, and help Windermere and the Seattle Seahawks #tacklehomelessness.

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Buyer Demand Out-Pacing Seller Supply

This image says it all. We have over-powering demand and very weak supply. This is why I use the word FRENETIC to describe our current market. Is anyone on the fence about selling? Lets talk.

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Bellevue gets rare project: first condo tower in nearly a decade

Bosa, the Vancouver B.C. development company who built the huge project Ins05575490-b751-11e6-8c76-ae2b30e70f32-1020x574ignia in downtown Seattle, has plans for a Bellevue tower –21 story building with 143 units!

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A Look Back at My Clients’ Purchases and Sales in 2015!

We are off to a swift start in the real estate market for 2016 but I can't help but pause to look back at the past year in amazement. Thank you to all of my wonderful clients, friends and family for your continuous stream of referrals and support. It is because of you that 2015 was such a success and I couldn't be more excited and energized! Cheers to you and yours for a happy, healthy and prosperous year!

    ~ Tamara

Eastlake | $1,075,000

Puget Ridge Co-Housing | $302,000
2 Bedroom | 2 Bath


North Admiral | $809,500
3 Bedroom | 2.5 Bath


Mount Baker | $1,253,000
5 Bedroom | 3.25 Bath


Newcastle | $385,000
2 Bedroom | 2.5 Bath


Capitol Hill | $1,015,000
4 Bedroom | 3 Bath


Magnolia | $615,000
3 Bedroom | 2.25 Bath


Capitol Hill | $1,360,000
2 Bedroom | 2.5 Bath


Bellevue | $210,000
2 Bedroom | 1.75 Bath


Magnolia | $221,500
1 Bedroom | 1 Bath


Magnolia | $815,000
4 Bedroom | 2.75 Bath


Wallingford | $207,000
1 Bedroom | 1 Bath


Loyal Heights | $282,500
1 Bedroom | 1 Bath


Phinney Ridge | $289,000
2 Bedroom | 1.75 Bath


Greenwood | $510,000
4 Bedroom | 1.75 Bath


Green Lake | $872,500
3 Bedroom | 2.75 Bath


Sunset Hill | $1,850,000
4 Bedroom | 3.25 Bath


Maple Leaf | $230,000
2 Bedroom | 2 Bath


Roosevelt | $582,000
3 Bedroom | 1.5 Bath


Mill Creek | $245,000
3 Bedroom | 2.5 Bath


Roosevelt | $628,000
4 Bedroom | 1.75 Bath


Richmond Highlands | $550,000
3 Bedroom | 2.5 Bath


Roosevelt | $660,000
3 Bedroom | 1.75 Bath

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Here’s to a healthy and happy 2016!


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Alluring, Well-Loved Craftsman in Roosevelt Triangle

Gail Nelson has loved and cared for this home for nearly 30 years.  Today she is ready to offer it to a new owner.  Please take a look or come visit. 7522 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle 98115


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Matthew Gardner Joins Windermere

Fantastic news! Matthew Gardner, an exceptionally relevant economist focused on real estate, joins Windermere. Good fortune for all of us at Windermere with great benefits for our clients as well.

Click here for a full article.



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Earth Day 2K15

Today is Earth Day, and instead of simply suggesting things you can do to help conserve our lovely planet, we're going to do our best to guilt you into doing them. Here are the three easiest ways to do your part

Save Energy

Turn off the lights whenever you leave a room. What’s the point of leaving them on if you’re not in there? And being scared of the dark is only an excuse if you’re under the age of five.

Save Water

When you're brushing your teeth, turn off the faucet. There is no good reason to waste all that precious water going down the drain. Do you want to turn into California? We think not.


Pick up some environmentally-friendly, reusable shopping bags! In Seattle, plastic bags are banned, and they’ll charge you for paper bags, so it's in your best interest to invest in some that you can use over and over again. Hint: These are some of our faves.

We should also point out that doing all of the above also saves you money! You can sleep well at night knowing you’re doing the right thing for Mother Earth – and your bank account – all at the same time.

Want some more ideas how you can conserve energy at home? Check out the Energy Star website.

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