Adventures in Real Estate Thinking of Remodeling? 5 questions to consider I just read the Seattle Times article, “5 questions to ask before starting your next home-improvement project and I think you might enjoy it, too. You can read the full article here:  
Adventures in Real Estate Before and After – The value of Property Preparation when Selling The condition of floors after removing carpet & padding…  Meet Samy, project manager of dirty work. Sanded, stained and sealed by Paiges Floors.  This and fresh coat of paint made a huge difference.
Adventures in Real Estate Earth Day 2K15 Today is Earth Day, and instead of simply suggesting things you can do to help conserve our lovely planet, we're going to do our best to guilt you into doing them. Here are the three easiest ways to do your part Save Energy Turn off the lights whenever you leave a room. What’s the point of […]
Adventures in Real Estate Everything Historic Are you drawn to historical homes? You may enjoy thins site about real estate design and travel as it relates to old homes. From
Adventures in Real Estate 5 DIY Ways to Hide That Litter Box In Style These five DIY projects will keep your cat's area out of sight and smelling fresh from
Home Improvements is a great Seattle-based resource that offers online help for your next home improvement project. While this doesn't replace my recommended service professionals – check out that list here – Porch is a great tool for project advice and examples. Here is how Porch describes their business: is a free home improvement network the connects homeowners […]
Home Improvements What new doors can do for you Just discovered this company and website.  I often see old houses that could be transformed with new interior doors and hardware.  Take a look and give me your feedback.
Home Improvements Home Energy Upgrade Program Take a look at the City of Seattle’s program for making your home more energy efficient.  The incentives expire at the end of July, including the low cost    energy audit.  Even if you don’t pursue the audit and incentives program, there are some great ideas and resources on this site.
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