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Finding a Real Estate Agent You Trust is Important

Your home may be your single biggest investment and one of the largest financial transactions you’ll ever make.

So when you buy a home, you want to make sure it’s exactly what you need at your stage in life. When you sell, you want to get the best price on the most favorable terms. Behind every home sale there are many marketing options, legalities, and details. As your agent, Tamara supports you through every aspect of the transaction, from dream to reality. 


Buy A Home

Finding the right home in the perfect neighborhood with all your dream amenities and fixtures at a cost that’s within your budget is truly no small feat. Partnering with a full-service real estate professional like Tamara offers you knowledgeable support and expert representation to streamline the process and reduce your stress.

Sell a Home

When you decide to sell your home, the goal is to get the best price and the most favorable terms in a timeframe that meets your needs. From effective, strategic pricing and marketing to ensuring the closing process runs smoothly, Tamara provides expert representation and support every step of the way. 


Tamara Helps buyers succeed by:

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    Matching listed properties to your criteria and previewing those homes to save you time and ensure they’re a true fit for your needs and wants

  • ·

    Understanding the pace and tenor of the market and providing current market data so you can make informed decisions

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    Educating you on terms and processes and providing you expert counsel during the process of writing and presenting offers

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    Knowing what to look out for during the inspection process and skillfully navigating subsequent negotiations

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    Effectively communicating with all parties involved throughout the process and providing you peace-of-mind that all details are being handled in a professional and efficient manner

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    Staying laser-focused on your interests so you can find a dream home that’s also a smart investment


Tamara Helps sellers succeed by:

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    Taking the real-time pulse of the marketplace to help you thoughtfully set the right price for your home

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    Using her knowledge of what today’s buyers want to help you prepare your home and make sure it looks its best and stands out from the competition

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    Choosing marketing strategies and vehicles that promote your home to the right audience of buyers and agents

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    Serving as your advocate and negotiating on your behalf to achieve the most favorable terms from pricing through closing

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    Communicating regularly so you stay informed throughout the process and have peace-of-mind knowing all details are being taken care of

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    Quickly separating the most qualified buyers from the rest of the pack, saving you time and maximizing your chances for a successful sale

Tamara is absolutely without equal when it comes to communicating to prospective sellers/buyers and “going to bat” for her clients. I can honestly say that there is no way I would be sitting in the most amazing house right now while I write this without Tamara’s representation. In an age when reliability, competence and honesty are rare occurrences, Tamara delivers on all counts. Her follow-through is impeccable. Her industry knowledge is invaluable. Her no-nonsense way of operating is to die for.



Seattle’s Condominium Expert

With experience collaborating on the launch of two new projects alongside a developer (plus insights drawn from her personal experience living in, rehabbing, investing in and managing the rental of condo properties), Tamara is a true condo expert. 

As an active member and co-chairperson of the Seattle Condominium Network, Tamara stays up to date on condo developments, trends, changes in local laws, and more. As an educator within Windermere, Tamara developed and teaches a course all about condos to share her expertise with other brokers. 


Tamara is your dedicated real estate resource

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