What people are saying about Tamara...

"We could not have asked for a better agent to help us navigate a very complicated market. Tamara is incredibly strategic, knowledgeable, and so easy to work with. Her advice and guidance were critical in helping us get into our new home and simultaneously sell our existing home. Tamara empowers her clients, is a clear and kind communicator, and has relationships throughout the real estate industry that speak to her value as an agent and colleague, making her the essential asset for any serious home hunt. We will be working with Tamara for years to come!"
Matt & Erica Van Deren

"Seventeen years ago we purchased our first house with Tamara. She walked us through the entire process and helped us to find the house that met our needs in all ways. When it came to sell this house (this past spring), Tamara was with us again helping us with all the details. She is incredibly skilled, knows the market, and generous with her time and knowledge. When you work with a real estate agent you want to feel that you are in really good hands and that you are working with someone of great integrity. But, also someone who is down-to-earth, warm, has a good sense of humor and takes the time to get to know you. She is, simply said, the best!"
Kevin & Becky Aanerud

"This is the 2nd time we worked with Tamara and we can’t say enough on how much we have loved working with her! We have experienced her superb expertise on both sides, buying and selling our home. She is a true professional and knows all the ins and outs of her profession. She is organized, a great communicator and has an overall calm in the midst of heightened emotions. She makes the whole process appear effortless. We highly recommend her. You won’t be disappointed!"
Bob Carver & Peggy Piacenza

"Tamara was recommended to us by 2 other satisfied customers to help us sell our home. My husband and I have relocated to Canada and needed a real estate broker who is also a strong project manager to refresh and stage the home. Tamara leveraged her reliable network of contractors and her personal know-how to make the home inviting to potential purchasers and kept us informed every step of the way. Just as the house was ready for market, Covid-19 hit hard. Tamara carefully gauged the situation, added extra sanitizing measures, and boldly marched forward to market our home. Thanks to all of Tamara's efforts, the house sold above asking price. While a zealous advocate for her clients, the sellers, Tamara also coached us on the fair steps to take for the buyers. Her strategic advice helped us avoid any surprises for either side, and the house closed smoothly. Competent, caring, calm, and conscientious - you want Tamara in your corner in a real estate transaction."
James Dunn & Carla Villar

"There is simply no one else that we would rather work with than Tamara Marson. The amount of attention and time that she gives her clients is unprecedented. She is always available; her knowledge and experience came through in every situation that can possibly present itself. She is a calming, kind, caring person who is a joy to work with. This is the third house we have had her work with us on and they have all come out better than we could have ever imagined. On this last sale, because Tamara got us an offer that was greater than we could have imagined, we asked her to please take a higher percentage and she refused. She said, “you guys keep it and do something special with it” and then she sent us a bottle of champagne to celebrate the closing of our home.
I just cannot imagine working with a greater person and real estate agent than Tamara Marson."
Chuck & Rhonda Sekyra

"Tamara was an amazing real estate professional to work with on buying my first home. She's incredibly patient and helped me navigate the way from dabbling in the market all the way to closing. She keeps herself very well informed about the market and explains the complexities super well to keep her clients confident on their journey to home ownership. "
Kelsey Reinking

"We were very pleased with Tamara’s work. She helped us get the house we wanted for a fair price in record time – less than 30 days from first visit to closing. Her professionalism and dedication to serving her customers was exemplary."
Rick Rubin & Wendy Potash

"Tamara helped me to buy a home, providing me with all the information that I should know. Many of those things I would never even know to ask, but Tamara was one step ahead, watching out for me, negotiating with the seller. She patiently walked me through the inspection, offer and closing process. What can be a stressful process was much smoother knowing that Tamara is there to help. She made herself available at early morning, late evening and weekend hours. I could not be happier with my experience, and would come back for her help with any real estate needs."
Aidar Galeev

"They say “the third times the charm”. Well, I can say that when working with Tamara, the first, second AND third times are the charm.
After working with Tamara to purchase my first two homes (including selling the first one), it was a no-brainer on who to call as soon as I was in the market for a third home purchase.
Once again, Tamara was able to work her magic in what seemed like an impossible situation. After finding a home that met all my criteria, there was only one problem - my financing was far from finalized. Tamara dove right into a tenuous situation and was able to approach the sellers with an honest and accurate picture of the situation at hand, i.e., quite a few things had to fall perfectly into place in order for the financing to fall into place. My gut told me the sellers would probably not “play ball” – the house was located in an amazing location at a desirable price and my financing not settled. Why would they wait several months for my financing to come through?
The reason they even considered my offer was simple: Tamara. She is absolutely without peer when it comes to communicating to the prospective sellers/buyers and “going to bat” for her clients. I can honestly say that there is no way I would be sitting in the most amazing house right now while I write this – without Tamara’s representation. In an age when reliability, competence and honesty are rare occurrences, Tamara delivers on all counts. Her follow-through is impeccable. Her industry knowledge is invaluable. Her no-nonsense way of operating is to die for. I highly recommend her services if you’re looking to buy a home or sell a home."
Barry Shaw

"I only wish I could take Tamara to Colorado with me. She handled staging, and helped with shadowing our movers when I had to go out of state for my new job. You will not find a better agent."
Rob Lawrence

"We got in touch with Tamara through a referral and couldn't be happier with a real estate professional. We knew what we wanted and she moved quickly, providing a detailed breakdown of the market in our area, what we could expect during the process, and what a realistic timeline would look like. During the process, Tamara easily navigated city, builder, financing, and paperwork traps that would have left our heads spinning. I would not hesitate to recommend Tamara to anyone; she'll help you find the home of your dreams!"
Ryan Gantt & Kim Garrett

"Tamara has assisted me in buying and selling 2 homes. My husband and I were very impressed by Tamera! She has so much knowledge and experience regarding Real Estate. She definitely looked out for our special interests. She often goes above and beyond her duties. One example, is her driving to the place our storage box was being held to put an art piece in that the movers left. She supervised the movers for 2 days! She has great taste for staging a home. We wish we could have taken her with us to Co."
Melissa Lawrence

"Tamara sold me my first home. Unexpectedly (to me anyway) it was zoned for multiple dwellings. Town Homes started popping up all around me. Rather than trying to beat them, I joined them. I developed my own group of 3 homes, and lived in one for 12 years. Now, I am selling that home and moving to the front standalone. I couldn't imagine doing that with anyone but Tamara. Her knowledge and style has been phenomenal. My "Urban Oasis" went live today through Tamara and Windermere. You could not do better than someone who cares as much as my friend, Tamara."
Dan Molvar

"Tamara is the consummate real estate professional. Her knowledge of the Seattle market is unmatched in my experience. If memory serves, she has successfully completed seven transactions on my family's behalf over the years, which is perhaps the best endorsement one could offer. We trust her completely."
Spencer Forhart

"Tamara was an absolute joy to work with. My husband and I were traveling while in the midst of putting a bid on the house of our dreams. Tamara made it all possible with ease and grace. She extended herself above and beyond, is knowledgeable, professional and positive, all of which helped make our experience a pleasant one. I highly recommend Tamara!"
Bob Carver & Peggy Piacenza

“Tamara came highly recommended to us by close friends of ours whose family has worked with Tamara for decades. I am so grateful my husband and I decided to switch to working with Tamara for our north Seattle home search. She listened carefully to our hopes and limits and validated the importance of sticking with our vision. Her depth of experience was invaluable navigating how to harness our financial resources and the variables of potential home renovations in potential homes. She was a calming and reassuring presence in the midst of important decision making, like deciding which home to pre-inspect, and what strategies to use when making offers. Spending time with Tamara is always a delight; just wait until you see how her colleagues in the business greet her! Everyone from home inspectors to contractors light up when they see Tamara, and that’s how we felt too, even in the most taxing stretches of our home search. We are so grateful to be on the other side of the search with a home that is a fantastic fit for the life we hope to create for our growing family."
Eileen & Stephen Bianamara

"We didn't know what to expect when we met Tamara, as she was referral by the seller's agent on a home we purchased. But when my wife and I met her for the first time, you immediately know that she is super knowledgeable, conscientious and detail oriented about all aspects of any real estate transaction. The experience shows through, even though we've done numerous real estate purchase and sales over the years.
From the beginning, following up, and transparent communications, Tamara takes care of all the details that could turn potential buyers anxious. She went the extra mile to attend to any contractor/inspection related items that were scheduled, and made sure to continue the communications throughout.
Agents who prioritize their clients always deserve longevity in this industry and we can definitely recommend Tamara as a go-to agent who knows the housing and real-estate industry well. You can trust that she'll go the extra mile if you leverage her experience and expertise."
Dave Kwan

"Wow! We started with a different agent and switched to Tamara. I cannot imagine a person better at the job, from how warm, genuine, and easygoing she is, to how knowledgeable and playful, to how responsive. Within a few days of going with Tamara, we bid on (and got) the house of our dreams. Our home purchasing process ended up having unusual complications, and she did extra outside research and was a great source of knowledge and guidance that was one step ahead of us the whole time. Additionally, she surrounds herself with top notch professionals who, like her, are warm, genuine, and highly knowledgeable. Not only would we recommend her, but we'd recommend her recommendations."
Shari Sjogren & Andrew Laszlo

"I recently worked with Tamara Marson on my rather complicated Seattle home sale, and I can say flat out that the sale would not have happened without Tamara's expert guidance, sound advice and even figurative whip cracking to keep the project on track throughout the complex process. This was my first home sale, and Tamara did a phenomenal job navigating the many twist & turns and keeping things on schedule in a very tight timeframe. Among many other things, we had to deal with complex financing issues & looming holiday deadlines, and Tamara was able to set strict timetables for what needed to be done—stuff like painting, packing, decluttering, partial move out & staging and photography ...all of which had to fit sequentially into our tight schedule like an intricate puzzle. Tamara showed a remarkable ability to communicate very effectively, on a daily basis, with a wide range of pertinent parties, from the seller (me), to buyers' agents, to title & escrow agents, stagers, painters & movers, among others. Tamara also networks with local real estate colleagues, to build upon & expand her own domain expertise—which served us well during this difficult process.
The bottom line is I couldn't be more satisfied with Tamara's professional approach & closing the loop on a daily basis, her wide array of domain experience & her ability to quickly distill complex issues to their essence; i.e., what aspects to prioritize that could materially affect the sale. It has been a pleasure working with Tamara—through an admittedly exhausting process, certainly no fault of Tamara's—and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell a home in the Seattle area. Even with our current super-heated real estate market, many things have to be done properly—and in a timely manner—to ensure the best result, and Tamara made this possible. My outcome ultimately far surpassed any expectations—but no matter what my result, I would still have given Tamara the highest possible rating."
Phil Brandt

"Tamara was the perfect realtor for our first time home buying experience. She is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and incredibly strategic with what she does. We saw homes with other realtors and found Tamara's knowledge to be irreplaceable. She was able to point out aspects of homes that we would have missed, was able to give guidance on potential repairs or updates, and was a huge support when making decisions in the crazy Seattle market."
Matt & Erica Van Deren

"I really enjoyed working with Tamara. She was referred to me by a friend and a few years ago, when I was thinking of moving to a condo, she showed me a lot of places, but in the end, I decided I didn't want to buy one. She was super cool about it and when I decided to sell my house and move out of state, my first thought was to work with her again. She's low-key, listens well, and is very good at explaining things. For buyers, she takes the time to get to know your preferences. As a seller, she knows how to place something on the market to good advantage and also has a lot of people she can refer to help with moving tasks and getting your place ready to sell (a godsend!). Tamara has a lot of experience in the Seattle market, which I really appreciate, because it's a fast-moving one, and not one I'd want to go it alone in."
Linda Avraamides

"Tamara was highly recommended to us by a trusted colleague, and she certainly lived up to the high praise. She took the time to speak with us at length about the Seattle real estate market and the buying process. She was always available at short notice to view properties, and her insights during the viewing process were invaluable. She was very patient during several months of viewing. Her experience and responsiveness were evident from the time we bid on a property to the time the deal finally closed. It's no exaggeration to say that we would not have been able to get the house without her hard work on our behalf. An extraordinary agent, we certainly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home."
Matt Mosca & Ying Hu

"Absolutely loved working with Tamara. She was so knowledgable and willing to go the extra mile to help us out. As newcomers to the area, we didn't know where to look. Tamara helped us identify neighborhoods and tour homes that perfectly fit our needs. We can't thank her enough. We basically didn't have to lift a finger. So wonderful!"
Lynne & Justin Kress

"We are very grateful for the opportunity we had to work with Tamara Marson. Tamara is very knowledgeable of the Seattle housing market and her success in this market is evident! Given that we were first time home buyers (and new to Seattle) there was a very steep learning curve--Tamara was very patient and understanding throughout the entire home buying process. After a few attempts, we got a house that we are totally in love with, and we couldn't be happier! We sincerely appreciate everything that Tamara has done to get us to this point!"
Denisse Guerrero-Harvey & Brain Harvey

"My husband and I have completely opposite work schedules, which we knew would make viewing homes a challenge. My husband could view homes in the morning, I could view them in the evening, or we could view them together on weekends. Tamara was great at coordinating a variety of viewings for us so that we were able to see every house we were interested in. Our weekend viewings together always consisted of viewing 5+ houses in one afternoon, and she scheduled everything flawlessly! Not an easy feat, to schedule that many viewings in a row. She was also great at helping us see the "bigger picture" at every house we viewed. For example, we found one house we absolutely loved, thinking everything about it was perfect - thankfully, Tamara pointed out there was no space for having seated meals, something that is very important to us! Finally, the most important thing I would say about Tamara is that she was very patient with my husband and I, as first time home buyers. Having never bought a house before, we felt secure in her expertise and knew she was always looking out for us. So in summary, we were extremely impressed with her a) ability to work around our challenging schedules b) helping us see the "big picture" or every house and c) is patient and knowledgeable. I cannot speak highly enough of Tamara, and 100% recommend her services!"
Marisa Zapata

"I can't say enough good things about Tamara. She was referred to us by a family member so we knew she was going to be great to work with. The best part is, she managed to exceed our already high expectations and made the home buying process such a positive experience. As first time buyers, she took the time to educate us on what to expect every step of the way and was always available and willing to go the extra mile to make sure we were taken care of. When we were ready to make an offer, we saw first hand how meticulous and thorough she is. Tamara is not only fantastic at what she does, but she is a kind, and genuine person to work with and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell."
Julia Horner and Bryan Hill

"Working with Tamara has been great experience from the beginning to the end. She made the buying and selling process very stress free, which in this market speaks volumes. She is extremely knowledgeable and hard working and made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. She always had my best interests in mind and went the extra mile to make sure everything was perfect. I would highly recommend her to any friend I have looking to buy or sell and look forward to working with her in the future!"
Danielle Farmer

"Selling my place in Seattle couldn't have been any easier! And I'm located in Southern California!! Beyond what you'd expect from a polished professional (good read on the market, solid pricing strategy, etc.), Tamara also made sure the loft was "ready for prime time"... taking care of all the details (including getting competing bids for service). VERY impressed and would HIGHLY recommend her to a friend."
Robert Murphy

"Working with Tamara was wonderful. I can't say enough about how at ease she made me feel through the home buying process, especially when I was anticipating a much more stressful and LONG process - neither of those applied when working with her. She is knowledgeable, easy-going, supportive, and truly had my best interest in mind. As a first-time homebuyer, the whole process can feel overwhelming but Tamara made me feel so comfortable, from start to finish. I had no expectation of finding something so quickly - and more importantly, the right fit and in my budget - in this difficult housing market. But, due to her diligent and focused work ethic she helped make my offer a competitive one, and secured me a great home in a neighborhood I love. If you want a realtor who offers top-notch service, look no further than Tamara!"
Sheryl Anayas

"My husband and I have completed several transactions (both buying and selling) with Tamara's guidance. She is a fabulous agent. She takes very good care of her clients. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the Seattle market as well how to diplomatically handle clients and other involved parties. She listens carefully and is very patient. She goes to bat for her clients and advocates good transactions. I don't foresee us buying another house any times soon but if we do, it will be with Tamara. We highly recommend her."
Anna & Anish Nanavati

"We met and worked with Tamara when we first looked into selling our first home. After realizing it was not a good time for us to sell we decided to rent out our home while looking to buy a new house. Tamara was extremely knowledgable and persevered with us until we were able to find our perfect home. We had a long list of wants and needs including a large lot which is hard to find in Seattle. Tamara was extremely patient with us, respected our wishes and built a wonderful relationship with our family. We ended up finding our perfect home and we strongly believe we would not be in this home if it were not for Tamara. She was compassionate towards our situation and helped us make informed decisions.
We recently worked with Tamara again when we decided to sell our rental home. Being new to selling, we had to really rely on the expertise of Tamara. We trusted her fully to lead us and guide us to make the right decisions. We had the smoothest experience. Tamara again provided us with an experience that gave us the best possible outcome.
Tamara had the perfect balance of taking care of us emotionally, helping us be realistic in our expectations and teaching us what we need to know in order to make decisions that were both emotional and had big financial implications. We would recommend Tamara to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their home!"
Chris and Sara Mirabueno

"Working with Tamara was an amazing experience. She is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, hard-working, diligent, etc. The list of adjectives goes on too long to continue listing. In the heat of the Seattle market she found me numerous places to look at weekly and worked hard to get me into exactly what I was looking for, in the right location, at the right price, within 3 months of the start of my search. Looking at the homes and learning about the areas we were seeing became more of a fun time than a chore, and I often worried that I was taking up too much of her time for a relatively modest purchase. But she was always happy to accommodate, with a smile on her face. Whether it was weekends, late nights, calls during her vacation time, she was there every step of the way. I can definitely say that over the short course of this experience, Tamara has become more of a friend than a realtor, and she is the only one I will be going back to for future real estate needs. I highly recommend working with Tamara."
Nate Urbassik

"Thanks to Tamara for her help in helping us sell our home. We were approached by renters who wanted to buy our home and so went off market. Many people think that avoiding a realtor altogether is a good thing but I beg to differ.
No matter how "easy" a sale is, there are always negotiations and there is always stress. Tamara has such a lovely even keel and helps eliminate that stress of the back and forth. Her advice as to how to price our home was excellent and she handled the details beautifully. She treated us as if we were paying full freight, even though she made much less than if we had listed it with her.
Tamara has been in this business in Seattle for over 30 years. To say she is an expert is an understatement. She is not one of those realtors who jump in and out as the market comes and goes; she is in it for the long haul, which is why she gets so many referrals.
I recommend her highly!"
Beverly and Richard James

"Working with Tamara makes the whole home purchasing and selling process very easy, which is why we have worked with her to purchase 5 homes and sell 4; I think that speaks for itself! We have enjoyed working with Tamara over the years, she is a true professional in the real estate business, we highly recommend Tamara!!!"
Amy & Albert Evans

"We were 100% confident in your expertise and that you were doing what was best for us. You were ALWAYS attentive to our needs (e.g., questions, requests to view properties, etc.); we felt like we were your only clients! Tamara is the full package she knows her stuff, she works hard for you, and she's just plain fun to be around."
Gary & Carolyn Ehret

"I most appreciated being given time and space after I decided not to sell in 2014. You had a lite touch and I needed that. I look forward to introducing you to my friends and hope that eventually some of them may be able to use your skill and expertise in helping them sell their homes."
Karen Colbert

"Tamara was our agent for buying a home in Seattle. She is an exceptional Realtor. She was very patient, calm, attentive, and trustworthy. She focused on helping us figure out which kind of house we wanted and which location we would like most. She is very clear-thinking and her advice was excellent. We highly recommend Tamara!"
Tony Rousmaniere

"Tamera was an asset to us finding our new home. I honestly cannot think of a better person to walk us through the process and explain on the details of real estate to us! So great!"
Kristen Cleveland & John Macauley

"The absolute best thing about working with Tamara was her loyalty to us, the client. Throughout the process I felt she had our best interests at heart, and her research on the property once we put an offer in was stellar."
Summer Dahlquist

"The story here is pretty clear: if you want a good real estate agent go with Tamara. The results speak for themselves. Not only is she highly proficient and knowledgeable in all the technical areas (she really knows her business), but she also rates highly in all those intangible areas, e.g., great communication, has multiple answers to your queries, has tons of great insights, has a calm and relaxed manner and on and on. I won't go into the low-level details of everything she made happen on our behalf, but no doubt it's very clear that she really came through for us. If you're looking to buy or sell a home, I couldn't recommend her services any more highly. In fact, I strongly believe you'd be making a mistake if you're looking to buy/sell a home and you didn't go with Tamara..."
Barry Shaw

"Tamara consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism, knowledge, and expertise, and I found her to be most trustworthy and reliable. Her tenacity dealing with issues originating with the condominium board and seller alleviated many of my concerns as well as heading off several potential problems. She is well-connected with the housing, renovating/redecorating, and construction industries and presents a wealth of ideas and experience. This is the second time our family has had Tamara as our Realtor. I would definitely request her again when the need arises."
Susan Alt

"Always available and very patient as we worked our way through what was available and what type of property and location we really wanted."
Kay Deasy and Len Sorrin

"Despite the low inventory of houses in the area that we wanted, you were able to be ready to quick strike and finish the offer making process extremely fast when we did find houses we did like. I was super impressed and pleased!"
Eric and Cassie Sanford

"When there was a challenge unfamiliar to you, your persistence and professional approach to a solution was commendable. I was fortunate to have you handle my real estate transaction."
Paul Tafil (Edited)

"My family and I worked with Tamara long distance and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. She was very hands on, worked with local resources so well that we never had to make the trip back. Most of her work was before we even put the house on the market. She is very knowledgeable, not afraid of hard work, very accessible. She took the time with us and in the end our grandmother's home sold in a week for above asking."
Kristy Todhunter for the Campbell Family

"Our daughter had used Tamara to buy her home and raved about her. We also found her to be patient with our uncertainties about what we wanted. She guided us through a process of understanding what was available and what was important to us. Her outstanding knowledge of the local market availability and trends, her reflective listening and understanding skills, her quiet enthusiasm when we got discouraged, her wise council during negotiation, and her incredible availability to our questions/needs were all very important ingredients to our successful search. We have continued to use her advice for remodeling and other services we needed. She asked us what she could have done better to assist us and we were both at a loss for anything to improve. We have and we will recommended her to others we knew considering this market."
Tom Kahan

"I was a first-time home buyer, coming into the experience with no knowledge of...really anything when it came to buying a home. Tamara was endlessly patient, explained everything in great detail, and never lost her cool when I asked the same questions over and over. It was such an important moment in my life, and I can think of no one better to have in my corner to make it a great one."
Natalie Greco

"Tamara is amazing to work with. Our family has dealt with Tamara on purchasing/selling other property. She does extensive market research to understand house values in the area and then we discussed the pricing given the current market. She hit the price spot on-not too high-not too low. She had a professional photographer take pictures of the house and helped us stage it. The pictures turned out awesome. I would recommend Tamara for either purchasing or selling a house."
Darlene Forhart

"I was lucky enough to be referred to Tamara, and was extremely grateful for that good fortune throughout the complex process of buying a home. She always delivered on each of the million tasks that comprise the real estate transaction ocean. Tamara also provided additional consulting on the simultaneous sale of my first house. My best suggestion? Bring Tamara in at your first thought of buying or selling. Her guidance and experience will provide you peace of mind, which is no small achievement during one of life's most stressful processes!"
Tracie Giles

"As a first-time home buyer, I was at a bit of a loss when it came to finding an agent to work with. Fortunately, Tamara came highly recommended. A scant two months later, I'm sitting in the home of my dreams and couldn't be more pleased with the services she provided. The two main qualities I was looking for in an agent were reliability and follow-through. You just don't see enough of these traits in folks these days. Tamara has both traits - in spades. EVERY time she said she would follow up on something related to either a house I was interested in or around the house I ended up buying, she came through with flying colors. It made the entire process much easier and infinitely less stressful than I anticipated. It must also be mentioned that during the entire process I always felt that Tamara had my best interests in mind. It never felt like I was being nudged in a direction that might be more beneficial to her bottom line. She's clearly very knowledgeable when it comes to houses and the market and makes it her mission to figure out exactly what you're looking for in a house - even if you're not quite sure yourself! I can say without question that I will recommend her to any friend looking to buy or sell a home."
Barry Shaw

"I like the fact that you are not a pushy agent and that you are really looking out for my best interests. THANK YOU! I could never imagine using another real estate agent so please don't ever quit."
Michele Moored

"Tamara is dedicated to her work, patient, generous with her expertise, and extraordinarily reliable. She stuck with us through one of the toughest housing markets anyone can remember, as we searched on and off for four years for a home. She always spoke her mind about the houses we saw with her, which sometimes meant pointing out the flaws we didn't notice. When we finally did find a home to buy, it was, after Tamara's tireless work on our behalf, the perfect home. She is simply amazing!"
Sunila Kale & Christian Novetzke

"Tamara provided the best customer service I could ever hope for with the sale of my Seattle home. Tamara is a superb professional - courteous, highly competent, timely, and extremely helpful. She guided me through a rather arduous process (in clearly a buyer's market) in fine fashion. I am very grateful for her help and wanted you to know how much I appreciated working with her. Besides, she is just a peach of a person to boot."
Dr. Andy Hurst

"Not pushy on things, let us decide. Loved working with you Tamara. You made things happen when I was giving up hope."
Barbara Chapple

"I met Tamara at a coffee shop on a Friday afternoon for our initial contact. After the initial pleasantries were exchanged Tamara handed me a mission statement and her resume. I found this to be completely professional and was a nice foundation for my confidence in her. Within just a few hours I found three emails each containing no less than five properties with my specific attributes. Tamara then started doing lots of market research on the property, the building, the neighborhood, and historical information so that we could identify a fair asking price. She also talked to me about realistic expectations for the initial offer and subsequent counter offers. Tamara had all of the research to convince the seller agent that what I was offering was a fair price. Tamara was also very personable, she commented that she noticed an emotional reaction from me when we visited this place versus others we had visited. She was great throughout the entire process from agreement of terms to the handoff of keys and beyond. I will recommend Tamara to anyone who even mentions interest in purchasing. Obviously I will use Tamara for all my real estate needs in the future."
Mike Glissmeyer (Edited)

"C'mon! You rock! For my measly $, you went above and beyond to help me find the perfect place for me. Thanks for listening and for your perseverance."
Carrie McCrimmon

"I really felt like you listened to my needs and responded."
Dana Robb

"You made calm, what was chaotic and stressful."
Ryan Troy

"We had a challenging time finding the"right house" and I wasn't going to even look at this one, but Tamara suggested that we practice "due diligence" and take a look. So we did. Through her counseling of "move quickly or chance losing it," we purchased it and still find ourselves very happy with the neighborhood and the house."
Tracy Mills and Neil Vonhof

"You have a good balance of professionalism and 'emotional intelligence.'"
Kelly Corrigan

"I really enjoyed the time we spent together. You are fun to work with. I also really appreciated the knowledge you shared about the inner workings of the houses."
Jennifer Groves

"You were always available and made us feel like we were your #1 priority."
Craig Naugle

"Your calm, thoughtful approach, reliability and availability were a Godsend. A perfect combination to make our house search productive and a fun experience."
Dan and Claudia Abraham

"You recognized ours was a unique transaction and handled accordingly. You took full responsibility for running a complex sale and solved all the problems so we never had to worry."
Chris Bayley

"We know we are in good hands. You are one of the few people I don't ever have to worry "Did she do this, did she remember that?" You are always on top of it."
Dana and Erich Cornie

"Your grace and patience was great. Your knowledge of the Seattle real estate market excellent. Your ability to see what the real issues are when transacting the deal."
Jane Kortz

"Thank you for all your hard work, solid advice, and generosity in helping us put together our bid. You made everything go so much more smoothly and efficiently."
Purnima Dhavan and Greg Flanders

"Tamara is very detail oriented and thorough. She really listens to what you want and works hard to help you accomplish it. She is very intuitive and knew what I wanted very quickly. She made me feel like I was her only client."
Anish and Anna Nanavati

"You are an excellent problem solver!"
Jill Tokarcyzk Adams for Adams Estate