More About Me

Seller`s Agent

Successfully marketing a property in today`s market requires skillful analysis, precise pricing strategy and savvy marketing techniques. I will prepare a marketing plan for your property that takes into account its specific features and strongest attributes by utilizing my 25+ years in real estate. I will also coach you on staging techniques and property presentation that will entice buyers because presentation and condition are critical factors.  In today's market, you will be served by an experienced, full-service real estate professional if you want to sell your home for the highest possible price and make sure the deal gets to the closing table! We'll work together to ensure a successful outcome.

Buyer`s Agent

Most property types, price ranges and neighborhoods are experiencing an inbalance of buyer demand vs. supply. Buyers need representation by a broker who understands ALL of the options of preparing a competitive offer to successfully complete a sale. I am prepared to counsel you on all aspects of purchasing including offer strategies, financing options, neighborhood selection, negotiating, inspections and remodeling. I will provide a list of references and my preferred provider list so you can be assured that your needs will be met. I will commit to being available and responsive during your search and until the successful conclusion when I deliver the keys.

In-City Condominiums

Condominium living is a great lifestyle choice for many of you whether you are looking for your first place to call home or looking for an in-city, second-home getaway.  I am experienced in selling and marketing new and resale condos in and around Seattle and am well-versed in the benefits and the pitfalls. I have lived in a condominium as a primary residence, have been a board member for a homeowner's association and currently own an investment condominium in Suncadia. As active member and past president of the Seattle Condominium Network, I keep current on issues and available options for you in Seattle. I have collaborated with a builder/developer in the launch of two new construction condominium projects in Seattle from start to finish. As a certified continuing education instructor for the state of Washington Department of licensing, I also teach other brokers about the basics of selling and marketing condominiums.


I am fortunate to truly enjoy my work and I believe this will be apparent to you during our working relationship. You can expect my undivided attention to every detail in the buying or selling process. I am full-time and believe in full-service real estate practices. I am committed to providing exceptional service and forming long-term business relationships because I work by referral meaning I dedicate 100% of my time and attention to servicing my clients, not out in the field trying to obtain business from the general public. In return, my valued clients and friends refer me to their family, friends, co-workers and others for advice about real estate purchases and selling property. Their satisfaction and subsequent referrals are the basis of my future business and is a very satisfying and rewarding business philosophy.